Top 10 Reasons to Learn Kung Fu

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10. Cool Weapons

You know at some point you've wanted to be able to fight with a sword or staff. Well now is your chance! kung fu styles offer a broad array of weapons and some like, Wing Chun, use them to reinforce concepts for empty hand fighting if fighting with them isn't your goal.

A variety of Chinese pole weapons


9. Train Your Brain

You might start training for one of the other reasons on this list but mental acuity is a great reason on its own. Forget about brain training apps. Wing Chun makes great use of memory, strategic planning, creativity, and reaction time. After you use all of these under stress in sparring you'll find most high speed, complex problems in the real world pale by comparison.

A variety of mental skills are increased alongside the physical


8. Exercise

Wing Chun is a great way for you to exercise on its own or an addition to your exercise program. The cardiovascular workout you get from sparring alone makes it worthwhile but Wing Chun can grow your strength and muscular endurance as well.

Strength, flexibility, and endurance can all be improved


7. Diet

Although not necessarily a component of Wing Chun itself, the training can definitely motivate you to improve your diet. After all you only put premium in a Ferrari and the rest of your training can only improve once you start treating yourself like one.

Eating better means feeling better


6. Broader Education

If you've ever had an interest in the socio-cultural history of China or the world, Wing Chun can be a great fit. The history of man is the history of war and martial arts training can open a path to learning that history. If that's not your deal then you can focus on the psychology of violence and legal knowledge which both accompany fighting and self defence.

Knowledge is power


5. Discipline

Discipline is a byproduct of motivated training. If you want to succeed in Wing Chun you must train. If you are already disciplined you will succeed in Wing Chun. If you learn to be disciplined you will succeed in Wing Chun.

There is no substitute for hard work - Thomas Edison


4. Self Defence

This is the main reason many people start to learn Wing Chun. A Wing Chun instructor with a good knowledge of self defence, not just fighting, can help you learn to prevent, dissolve, and survive self defence situations. This is one of those times where it's better to have a tool and not need it, but have it all the same.

Defending yourself is not only about physical skills but they sure help as a back up


3. Relaxed focus

Wing Chun training is great for teaching what some people call it mindfulness. Whatever you call it all types of martial arts training can build it. Sparring is espcially great at teaching this. It's hard for you to worry about anything when you need to focus on the fist trying to introduce itself to your face. Some days are better than others but your mindfulness and relaxation can improve with time and training.

Laser-like focus


2. Coordination

Forms training, drills, and sparring are all complex and highly technical. Forcing your body to work in new and strange ways will increase balance, sensitivity, and proprioception (knowing where your body is).

Physical prowess is not only about physique but how skillfully you can use your body


1. Peace of Mind

Knowing that so many of your concerns can be taken care of in one place can be a great relief to many people. You can fight, you're in better shape, you're sharper, you're faster, you're more relaxed, and best of all you feel good knowing you have achieved so much and can achieve so much more.

Focus can be built in many ways. Meditation is only one and not one used by all martial arts or martial artists.

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