Shrouded in the mysts of time somewhere one of our hominid ancestors is beating up his cousin for mating rights to his sister while a slightly more primitive Joe Rogan commentates. Martial arts have a long history. We are a highly violent species and our methodologies for exacting bloodshed both have changed and evolved over hundreds of thousands of years along with changes in our physical form, population density, and technology....

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The Value of Forms

Posted By on Feb 4, 2015

When I started learning wing chun I had already trained in a few other martial arts, none of which had any particular emphasis of forms. I was completely unaware of the value these combinations of movements had in training. I knew enough to realize that the forms were for training and were not sets of moves to be used in fighting but I figured the movements must each have a specific use. So I did what I always did when I didn't...

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