About Wing Chun




Wing Chun is a striking style using fast, efficient hand strikes and kicks. Striking at close range makes use of trapping and jamming techniques to limit the opponent's ability to strike back. Wing Chun also includes take-downs, locks, and ground-fighting.


Here there is no reliance on muscle or brute force. Using good body structure, timing, and efficient movement Wing Chun allows smaller people to overcome larger opponents. While physical conditioning is always an aid to fighting technique you don't have to be in great shape to apply Wing Chun techniques.


Wing Chun has three empty hand forms, a wooden dummy form, and two weapon forms. These forms are not flashy or for demonstration. They are training tools to reinforce the principles of Wing Chun and build the coordination to take into the two-person drills and sparring. Skills are built progressively so students have the skills they need when they start sparring.

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Wing Chun is a southern Chinese martial art focused on practical self defence. That means you should be able to apply techniques in your everyday clothing and in a real environment. You won't find flashy moves or spinning high-kicks here but practical and efficient self defense.


The biggest danger to most martial artists is themselves. Most martial arts schools only do physical training, the equivalent of giving someone a gun and no training in when to shoot. We give our students the legal knowledge so they can make good decisions to first win the fight on the street and the next in the courtroom.

See our Criminal Code sections for the martial artist


Benefits of Wing Chun

  • Practical self defense skills for one or multiple attackers
  • Knowledge on how, when, and why to legally employ the techniques
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Better reflexes and coordination
  • Improved sensitivity and balance
  • Reduced Stress and a calmer mind
  • Increased physical fitness
  • Great friendships!



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